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  • How to prepare your sales team for bounce-back after the crisis 1 Aprile 2020
    Most of Europe and the United States has been in a state of response to the novel Coronavirus pandemic for a few weeks now, and most of us are settling into a new sense of “normal.”
  • Why You Will Finally Pay the Price of Not Selling Value 29 Marzo 2020
    Given the current circumstances - a Global Pandemic and an economy where so many industries have been shut down or compromised - selling value will be more important than ever.  
  • How to prove the value of sales training in uncertain times 25 Marzo 2020
    The training market is a tough market right now. Business is facing unprecedented uncertainty due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Projects are placed on hold and budgets are cut. It can be hard to justify investment, even when we know that our sales team’s performance is more important than ever.
  • Automation Run Amuck 22 Marzo 2020
    Technology is a double edged sword. We can use it to improve the impact, value, effectiveness, and efficiency in engaging prospects and customers. At the same time, we can use it to drive away customers/prospects by creating crap at the speed of light.
  • How to kill your sales organization with bad assumptions 18 Marzo 2020
    Every great salesperson knows that a bad assumption can kill a deal. Assume that the buyer understands the cost of not acting. Assume that the buyer understands the benefits of your offering. Assume that they know where to find the budget for your solution. Assume that there's one primary decision-maker.
  • 3 sources of commercial inefficiency related to the sales process 15 Marzo 2020
    In manufacturing companies, production departments are generally efficient and effective. Unfortunately, most sales departments are not.
  • Why you can't buy sales training and consulting like you used to 11 Marzo 2020
    Sales training is important to a high-performing team, and there have never been as many options as there are today. Online training, in-person workshops, blended learning, off-the-shelf, customized, training with consulting, consulting with training.
  • More Coaching, Even Poor Coaching, is Better than None 8 Marzo 2020
    I cannot stress enough the importance of sales manager coaching and doing it a bunch. I have stats to back me up. Check out this data curated by Objective Management Group on about 5,500 managers and their teams.
  • Are sales leaders wrong to focus on changing behaviors? 4 Marzo 2020
    In the sales effectiveness world, we talk a lot about changing behaviors. Are your salespeople engaging in the right behaviors to get the right outcome? Do their behaviors match up with best practices? Are they aligning well with buyers? How can they change their behaviors to get better results?
  • Prisoners Of Our Own Experience 1 Marzo 2020
    Recently, I had separate discussions with two very good sales executives. Each was taking a very strong position on particular aspects of selling. As the discussions progressed, I could see their perspectives were limited by their experience.

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