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  • Why you should stop spending so much on technology 11 Dicembre 2019
    In almost every industry, technology spend continues to increase year over year, and sales is no exception. Currently, some companies spend more than $12,000 per salesperson and year in sales technology, not counting implementation costs and lost productivity.
  • Sales Process and Why So Many Salespeople Lose Their Way 8 Dicembre 2019
    Recently I was on Interstate 90, the MassPike, driving home from the airport in a wind-driven rainstorm. It was so bad I couldn't see the white lines that divide the three lanes nor could I see the Jersey barriers dividing the eastbound from the westbound traffic.
  • Just how much is your organizational knowledge worth? 4 Dicembre 2019
    You probably know or can put your hands on metrics for a lot of aspects of your sales organization. For instance, you know how much your salespeople need to sell in order to meet your revenue goals.
  • Sales people need to act like personal trainers, not bartenders 1 Dicembre 2019
    In a recent article for the CEB, Andrew Kent posed the question “Are your reps bartenders or personal trainers?” It’s a great question, a wonderful analogy, and a concept that deserves a broader exposure.
  • Are limiting beliefs undermining your success? 27 Novembre 2019
    Every sales manager has encountered a salesperson who just can’t seem to “get it.” This is the underperforming team member you work with on the same thing over and over, and no matter how much training, enablement, and coaching you provide, they just keep making the same bad decisions, having the same bad conversations, and […]
  • Is the Motivation Pendulum Swinging Back? 24 Novembre 2019
    If it isn’t obvious from my many posts using the Objective Management Group’s database, I love to mine facts on salespeople. I’m fortunate to have access to this large database and all the information it provides. And recently I’ve noticed a slight trend shift regarding how salespeople are motivated that needs to be shared.
  • Here's how to be less like a predator and more mycorrhizal fungus 20 Novembre 2019
    Every sales leader appreciates a great salesperson who can “hunt” and "close more logos” than anyone else. But in the complex b2b world, sometimes your team needs to be less hunters and more mycorrhizal fungus. Here’s why–and how.
  • Predictable Buying 17 Novembre 2019
    We spend lots of time and money trying to create predictable revenue, increasing the predictability of our sales approaches. We constantly engineer, refine, tune and re-engineer what we do and how we engage our customers to produce POs.
  • Win more with old-fashioned, in-person sales meetings 13 Novembre 2019
    Despite reports to the contrary, the old-fashioned, in-person sales meeting isn’t dead.
  • Selling against the status quo 10 Novembre 2019
    You’re probably all too well aware of the statistic that the majority of apparently well-qualified complex B2B buying journeys end with the potential customer either deciding to do nothing or to change nothing.

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