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  • Going Through The Motions Or Doing The Work? 11 Aprile 2021
    Every organization I work with has a “Buyer focused selling process.” Every organization has deal management, pipeline, and account management processes. Every organization has taken their people through the latest greatest sales training, spends thousands per person on tools. Every organization focuses on their ICP. Every manager says they coach their people.
  • What is anchoring bias and what do salespeople need to know about it? 7 Aprile 2021
    Have you ever watched a home shopping network? I don’t have a lot of time to sit around watching other people hawk made-for-TV items, but I find it fascinating that these are such effective sales tools.
  • Don’t Be One of “Those” People 4 Aprile 2021
    If you’re not nurturing relationships, you’re throwing away good business and hot referral leads.
  • How to ice cream boomerang the best out of your sales team 31 Marzo 2021
    Outstanding coaching can be the critical multiplier for any team. Kjell Enhager would know. He’s a globally recognized coach who works with corporations, orchestras, actors, and world-class athletes in golf, tennis, skiing, horseback riding, and hockey.
  • Profit derives from usage - not initial purchase 28 Marzo 2021
    Business customers have become increasingly used to as-a-service models, rather than outright purchase - and many of them have come to prefer it.
  • What psychology tells us about being a better sales leader 24 Marzo 2021
    As sales professionals, it’s easy to think about our jobs in terms of numbers: Quotas, forecasts, and commissions leading the way. It’s easy to forget the human side of things, and when you operate in a complex b2b world, it’s even easier to get caught up in technical details.
  • Three steps to improved negotiation and sales success 21 Marzo 2021
    What happens when a salesperson isn’t an effective negotiator? Often, they simply write a proposal.
  • How to keep representativeness bias from killing your sales results 17 Marzo 2021
    Some of the worst mistakes we make in life we make without realizing their implications at the time. Sometimes, we don’t even know we’re making the mistake, and we may never know we made the mistake - but its effects will impact us regardless.
  • Post-Mortems Are Not the End, But Rather the Beginning 14 Marzo 2021
    I wanted to share some thoughts on what should occur every time you lose a bid/potential order/piece of significant business and even more importantly what should happen when you win a bid/potential order etc.
  • 5 steps to reduce cognitive bias on your sales team, according to an expert 10 Marzo 2021
    Cognitive bias leads to poor decision making. On a sales team, it can kill deals by causing salespeople and their managers to make bad assumptions, take the wrong actions, and interact with customers in ineffective ways.

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