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  • A fresh perspective on the Challenger Sale research 13 Ottobre 2019
    First published in 2011, “The Challenger Sale” must be one of the most widely-read sales books of the past decade, and with good reason. Together with its successor “The Challenger Customer” (which I believe is an even more influential book), it served to introduce powerful new perspectives about today’s increasingly complex B2B sales environment.
  • How to improve performance with a shared sales language 9 Ottobre 2019
    In the sales industry, we often talk about how process, methodology, technology, and enablement can improve performance.
  • How Big of a Role Does Age Play in Sales Effectiveness? 6 Ottobre 2019
    I'll be 64 in November which means that just like everyone else, I'm getting older. There are certain things that younger people do that change when they get older.
  • The call of the machine, or how to make selling more human 2 Ottobre 2019
    You know that scene in The Matrix when Neo wakes up in a metal tank and discovers that his entire life has been a lie and that he is merely a battery helping to power a world run by machines?
  • Sales Effectiveness: Nature or Nurture? 29 Settembre 2019
    There are no perfect salespeople born into this world. At least I haven’t met any.
  • How to stop chasing Will-o-the-wisps 25 Settembre 2019
    In ancient English lore, a Will-o-the-wisp is a mischievous spirit of swampy and dark places that uses a lantern-like light to lure unwary travelers off the path. Travelers may mistake the Will-o-the-wisp for a fellow traveler leading the way or for a kindlier spirit, such as a Leprechaun, who might lead them to treasure.
  • The fundamental principles of value-based selling 22 Settembre 2019
    It’s a sad fact that today’s average B2B sales person is still far more comfortable talking about their products than they are discussing business issues. However the average B2B buyer regards a sales person’s relevant business knowledge as being far more valuable than their ability to regurgitate product features, functions and benefits.
  • How to pollute your sales ocean, one technology at a time 18 Settembre 2019
    Have you ever had a slip of the tongue that reveals an insight? On a call with one of my team members recently, we were talking about the sales world’s overly complex landscape of technologies, and I wanted to talk about point solutions, but what I said was, “point pollutions.”
  • Customers and Rational Behaviors 15 Settembre 2019
    Too often, I’m in reviews with sales people whining, “The customer is irrational!”
  • You need to know how Salesforce is stealing your budget 11 Settembre 2019
    For almost 20 years, one CRM platform has been in use by more sales organizations than any other. You know the one.

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