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  • Buying Patterns: what are they, and how to influence them 19 Gennaio 2020
    A buying decision is a change management problem well before it is a solution choice issue. People don't want to buy anything; they want to resolve a problem in the least disruptive way.
  • How to get better results out of AI for your sales team 15 Gennaio 2020
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage in sales right now. But in my conversations with sales leaders, I’ve learned that AI is rarely delivering what it promises to sales organizations operating in a complex b2b environment.
  • Time Available For Selling 12 Gennaio 2020
    Without a doubt, sales people have a lot of things that distract them from being engaged with customers. The majority is probably imposed by their companies, a lot is self imposed (read avoidance and excuses).
  • How to Set 2020 Goals Your Team Will Actually Meet 8 Gennaio 2020
    As we move into the first quarter, many of us are focused on and excited about our goals for the year – whether they’re personal, professional, or organizational. We all want this to be a year in which we actualize our plans and accomplish everything we set out to do.
  • A Tale of 3 Squirrels and Their Human Counterparts in Sales 5 Gennaio 2020
    It was rainy and cool so the leaves are dropping from the trees, the peak color has passed and it's time to focus on something else. Speaking of focus, this morning I was watching 3 squirrels each doing their thing...
  • Why won't your salespeople do what they know to do? 1 Gennaio 2020
    Sometimes, poor sales performance is due to a lack of skills or knowledge. But sometimes, salespeople know what to do, they know how to do it, and they even know why they should do it… and they still don’t do it, at least not consistently.
  • Stretching your customer's value gap 29 Dicembre 2019
    Whenever your customer sees little meaningful difference between their current situation and their future potential, they will be inclined to stick with the status quo.
  • Are we calling our customers by the wrong words? 25 Dicembre 2019
    Every sales professional knows better than to make the cringe-worthy mistake of calling a customer by the wrong name. But it occurred to me recently that entire sales organizations may be making the mistake of calling their customers by the wrong words, and it may be limiting their effectiveness.
  • The Harder the Questions; The Easier the Sale 22 Dicembre 2019
    Have you ever left a sales appointment and wished you had said something else? Or have you ever debriefed a sales rep’s call and find they didn’t ask the next logical question, and now critical information is missing?
  • How your sales technology should support sales training 18 Dicembre 2019
    How would you feel if I told you that for every dollar you spend on sales training, you may as well be throwing 80 cents of it into a bottomless pit?

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